Inspired Vol. 2 (ZiS104)

Motivation, inspiration and achievement. These beautifully produced tracks share a sense of ‘forward motion’. Very uplifting , the emotions range from introspection to determination, but all will inspire dreams and goals through a wide variety of styles including Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Orchestral, New Age, Techno and more. All tracks are very editable and are approx. 2:30 with 30 & 60 second edits as well as 2 alternate intros and outros for even more editing options.

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Listen to audio samples below:
Track Track Title Length Flash Audio
1-5 Unified Theory 2:43, 0:59, 0:29, 0:27, 0:27
A great motivational track with a strong half-time pulse giving an uplifting feel. Easy-going, almost dreamlike with a sitar-sounding rock guitar lead. Perfect for travel, corporate applications or anything of a 'feel-good' nature.
6-10 The Catalyst 2:32, 0:59, 0:29, 0:23, 0:26
Driving & motivational. Thematic & powerful. A combination of power guitar chords and strings with a slight Middle Eastern feel. Conviction and determination. Great for sports, Olympics or portrayal of someone who has achieved something great in spite of all odds.
11-15 Stay On Track 2:25, 1:00, 0:29, 0:23, 0:25
Forward moving and confident. This light and easy fusion of Asian-style melody over a pop back-beat and fretless bass give a sense of conviction and purpose. This is a warm, feel-good track that creates a spa-like calm.
16-20 Extensive Research 2:29, 1:00, 0:30, 0:24,0:19
Technology & Business. Motivational. Busy lives. Movement. A sequenced clavinet pulses throughout creating a sense of movement, growth and innovation. Excitement, anticipation and goals to be met. Very positive and motivational.
21-25 Like Minds 2:31, 1:00, 0:29, 0:23, 0:23
Soothing, tranquil and thoughtful. A nylon-string guitar leads this easy-going and gently uplifting, motivational track. Light & airy with a new-age influence, there is a wonderfully hypnotic effect giving a calming sense that all is good.
26-31 New Commerce 2:37, 2:37, 0:59, 0:29, 0:18, 0:20
A beautiful blend of different cultural influences was used to create this new age/pop track. Asian & African music are fused with traditional Western instruments to give a sense of global technology and forward motion with the world as one community. Motion, journey, innovation & inspiration all in one light and easy-going track.
32-37 Innertech 2:29, 2:29, 0:59, 0:29, 0:32, 0:23
A fast-paced rock beat backs this techno inspired groove. A steady, electronica pulse with uplifting voice pads as well as string and horn parts add to a sense of motion, energy, and achievement.
38-42 Bold Strategies 3:29, 1:00, 0:29, 0:21, 0:19
Powerful, confident and thematic, this guitar-driven track is thoughtful yet bold and powerful. Lush vocal pads add a great interlude. Very motivational. Gives the sense that no one will mess with this person! Against all odds, this one's going to win!
43-47 Tomorrow's Endeavors 2:36, 0:59, 0:30, 0:36, 0:24
Solid and deliberate mid-tempo power rock with big drum sounds and some strong piano work. Inspires a sense of motivation to live your dreams and deal with unfinished business. Introspective but delivers a powerful, solid message.
48-52 Form And Function 2:27, 0:59, 0:30, 0:20,0:20
Innovation & technology. A mix of orchestral & techno elements create a blend of technology and art, inspiring a sense of forward motion, accomplishment and balance.
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