Novelty Retro (ZiS107)

A little camp, a little kitsch and a lot of retro, this CD is all great fun! A potpourri of styles and eras designed to make you smile! Tracks include a Russian Folk Dance, Austin Powers-style, Beach/Surf music, Old Western-style music and 60’s TV sitcoms. There are eras ranging as far back as the 50’s! You won’t just smile; you’ll be dancing too! All tracks are very editable and are approx. 2:30 with 30 & 60 second edits as well as 2 alternate intros and outros for even more editing options.

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Listen to audio samples below:
Track Track Title Length Track Description Flash Audio
1-6 Tiki Party 2:36, 1:44, 1:01, 0:29, 0:24, 0:25
Hot, Hot, Hot! Visions of daiquiris and dancing on the beach are conjured up in this great Caribbean/Soca track. With brass shots, electric guitar and intricate bass patterns, this rhythmical track will make you feel like joining the party on this tropical escapade, either at Carnival in Rio or a Conga line in the Caribbean.
7-11 Malibu Bingo 2:31, 0:59, 0:30, 0:24, 0:24
Surf's up! Dick Dale meets a secret agent at a 60's surf party while the Big Kahuna waxes down his surfboard and an electric guitar wangs out chords over a cheesy organ. Comedic juxtaposition of styles that just makes this track great fun! A real nod to the 60's TV surf shows.
12-16 Sitcom Samba 2:27, 1:00, 0:30, 0:19, 0:19
This Latin/Bossa track is a fun tribute to 50's & 60's sitcom themes. With a cheesy bossa nova rhythm, 'toks' and a hammond organ, this cute retro track will bring you back to shows like 'I Dream Of Jeanie' and 'Dick Van Dyke'.
17-22 Mirrorball 2:36, 1:41, 1:00, 0:30, 0:27, 0:25
Get your polyester bellbottoms out, this is one for the dance floor. You can almost see the disco ball! A strong disco beat and string line that happens right off the top takes you back to the 70's. Octave bass runs add to the already pulsing dance beat with both the Shaft-like wah wah guitar and clavinet providing nostalgic sounds. Point your finger to the sky and dance the night away!
23-28 Bahia Blue 2:33, 2:32, 0:59, 0:29, 0:24, 0:31
Samba/Bossa style rhythms and Mantonvani-like string pads transport you to the nightclubs of the early 60's when couples still held each other while dancing. A classic Hammond organ tops off this easy-going piece, evoking images of smokey lounges and martinis.
29-34 High Noon Showdown 2:31, 2:31, 1:00, 0:30, 0:28, 0:19
A classic 60's Western track, complete with castinette clacking, vibrato'd lead guitar and a military snare. The eerie stretched flute line and pizzicato strings create an authentic western movie sound. Male vocal occasionally chimes in with a "Gunfight!" or "Shoot 'em down!" line with background voices providing support. Great for a theme.
35-39 Sock It To Ya 2:20, 1:00, 0:30, 0:21, 0:19
60's Funk/Rock/Dance is the feel of this piece, highlighting a distorted organ and guitar playing a thematic lead line. Classic wah guitar and a busy bass provide the true nostalgia for this track. Think paisley patterns and all men with long hair. Great fun. Typically heard with go go dancers in TV shows. Think 'Laugh-In'.
40-44 The Sneak 2:29, 1:00,0:30, 0:36, 0:20
Playful and whimsical tango! Slide whistle, growling Hammond organ, muted trumpet and horn shots round off this wonderfully light and slightly campy track..
45-49 Russian Hoedown 2:41, 0:59, 0:30, 0:18, 0:24
Slow and deliberate Gypsy violin opens and then a faster "one-and-two-and" rhythm creates a very bouncy and happy feel. With the addition of piano, mandolin and a scraped banjo the piece becomes quite danceable…especially if you're Russian! Would work well for a silent movie. Comical
50-55 Chicken Boogie 2:32, 2:32, 0:59, 0:29, 0:20, 0:20
Clever wah guitar creates a lead line that resembles the sound of a chicken in this novelty piece. Piano rounds out the humorous overtones in both the lead and background parts. Fun and foot-tappin'', you can't keep a straight face when there's a slide whistle involved. Why did we put this track on here? To get to the other side, of course. ;-)
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