Love & Romance (ZiS102)

From romance to seduction, from reminiscing times past to celebrations of love in bloom, this CD is at times introspective and poignant and other times celebratory and magical. The lush orchestral and ethereal arrangements beautifully capture moods and create the perfect underscore for scenes of love & romance. Styles include Latin, Orchestral, Pop, New Age, Waltz and R&B. All tracks are very editable and are approx. 2:30 with 30 & 60 second edits as well as 2 alternate intros and outros for even more editing options.

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Track Track Title Length Track Description Flash Audio
1-5< A Night In Paris 2:19, :60, :30, :36, :38
Pop/Light Rock. Shawn Colvin, Paris pop-vibe. Thoughtfully romantic. A lilting accordion and mandolin reminisce while a soulful organ fills out this mid-tempo back-beat funk track featuring mandolin and acoustic guitar.
6-11 Noble 2:51, 2:50, :60, :30, :37, :38
Orchestral. Innocent, magical & uplifting. Beautiful romantic film- style score featuring solo flute and flugelhorn with strings & piano in the background.
12-16 Ethetes 3:18, :60, :30, 1:19, 1:03
Orchestral/New Age. Ethereal & graceful New Age piece featuring piano solo with soft strings and counter melody on the French horn. Soaring and euphoric. Magical and dreamlike.
17-21 Latin Kiss 2:56, :60, :30, :48, :48
Latin/Pop. Latin/Pop style reminiscent of Marc Anthony. Tragic romantic ballad with a sense of hope. Features nylon-string and electric guitars.
22-26 Lover's Touch 3:21, :60, :30, :35, :25
Orchestral. Almost childlike. Innocent, wondrous and a bit melancholic. Features piano, bells & strings.
27-32 Lover's Dream 3:10, 3:09, :60, :30, :23, :27
Orchestral/Pop. Sensual, seductive and ethereal romantic spa-style music. This lush piece breathes deep breaths. Features violin, cello, strings, harp and flute, love, romance, smooth, mystical, world fusion, magical
33-37 Romantic Sonata 3:34, :60, :30, :40, 1:10
Pop Ballad. Slow romantic pop ballad. Sad & reflective. Acoustic nylon-string guitar backed by an orchestra with Enya-style choral vocals on the melody gives a sense of lamenting or lost love.
38-42 Summer Dream 3:03, :60, :30, :30, :28
Orchestral/Waltz. Light and airy traditional waltz. Romantic & magical, film score-style. Features strings, flute, acoustic piano, harp and horns. Imagine a large ballroom with everyone waltzing to a happy event.
43-47 The Coast 2:59, :60, :30,:35,:44
Hip-Hop/Pop Ballad. Romantic pop with a Hip-Hop style drum kit. String quartet and beautiful grand piano create a nice tender and passionate mood.
48-52 Waltz For Josie 3:01,:60, :30,:35, :40
Orchestral/Waltz. Old fashioned romantic waltz, innocent and light. Flute, piano and small orchestra gives a sense of dancing through a field of flowers.
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