Seduction (ZiS105)

Very smooth and tasteful hypnotic tracks, designed to enhance that romantic mood. This CD covers a variety of styles including R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, New Age, Pop, and Enya- style vocals. Lush arrangements and beautiful productions create the perfect underscore for those moments of romance, fantasy and late night encounters. All tracks are very editable and are approx. 2:30 with 30 & 60 second edits as well as 2 alternate intros and outros for even more editing options.

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Listen to audio samples below:
Track Track Title Length Track Description Flash Audio
1-5 Cruise Control 2:36, 0:59, 0:29, 0:26, 0:24
Funky, sexy and hypnotic. A seductive groove with Middle-Eastern elements and 'picked' guitar sets the tone for a very sensual and exotic mood.
06-10 Afternight 2:30, 1:00, 0:29, 0:22, 0:26
Fretless bass, dreamy strings, sax embellishments and a hint of the 70's with funky guitar and laid back groove gives this track a great late-night smooth and sultry sound.
11-15 Avenue J 2:33, 0:59, 0:30, 0:33, 0:18
Sensual and melodic. Beautiful strong piano lead over a bluesy, funky bed. Introspective and sexy. Dreamy and hypnotic. A mysterious and seductive fantasy.
16-20 Second Date 3:05 ,0:59 , 0:29 ,0:34 , 0:39
Late night R&B/Jazz feel with beautiful, lush female vocal ad-libs. Close your eyes and this hypnotic and romantic track will make you feel like you are floating in a most wonderful dream.
21-26 Body Language 3:11, 3:11, 1:00, 0:29, 0:34, 0:34
Reflective, warm and loving. But also very seductive and sensual. The bass line intro is followed by half-time Hip-Hop beat with a Latin flavour. A beautifully haunting and introspective acoustic guitar takes over above soft brass lines.
27-31 Funktastic 2:26, 1:00, 0:30, 0:32, 0:39
Sexy and playfully sassy. Funky with great brass hits, groovy Hammond B3 organ riffs and string lines added for that smooth touch. Lots of open drum work leaves room for some truly funky syncopation. Great attitude - makes you want to move!
32-37 Secret Moment 2:52, 1:47, 1:00, 0:29, 0:26, 0:28
Warm, romantic and sensual. Acoustic Latin guitar, piano and stunning female vocals create a sense of warmth and intimacy. Wonderfully magical, hypnotic and calming.
38-42 Lights Out 3:49, 1:00, 0:29, 0:20, 0:17
Soft percussion and acoustic guitar will carry you blissfully into an otherworld of beautiful dreams and leave you waking up feeling cozy and satisfied, - but set your alarm to snooze!
43-47 Easy Midnight 2:26, 0:59, 0:30, 0:23, 0:20
Romantic jazz/funk with seductive female vocals. A smokey, dreamlike journey that will put you in a warm and sensual state of mind and body.
48-52 Deep Indigo 3:04, 1:00, 0:29, 0:41, 0:33
Mysterious, moody and hypnotic with a haunting sax theme, evoking a sense that there is an irresistible and powerful force drawing you in. With East Indian and Asian influences, this world-fusion track is exotic and sensual.
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