Inspired Vol. 1 (ZiS103)

This CD offers a great variety of positive and empowering corporate tracks that will inspire a desire to dream, set goals and succeed. Styles include New Age, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Orchestral, Electronica and more. All tracks are very editable and are approx. 2:30 with 30 & 60 second edits as well as 2 alternate intros and outros for even more editing options.

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Listen to audio samples below:
Track Track Title Length Track Description Flash Audio
1-5 Sky's The Limit 3:05,:60, :30,:31, :27
Pop/Jazz. Easy-going, positive, jazzy-pop track with a 'Road-trip' feel. George Benson vibe, with acoustic guitar and bass. Lush full arrangement. Uplifting.
6-10 On Schedule 2:17, :60, :30, :19,:17
Pop/New Age. Breezy and free. Great feel-good traveling track. Nice mid-tempo groove. Fretless bass, shimmering guitars.
11-15 Adventure 2:26, :60,:30, :24,:32
Orchestral/Rock Hip-Hop. Power & Motivation. Driving. Orchestral elements with a Hip-Hop beat, a touch of Latin, and rock fusion creates a very exciting, high energy piece.
16-20< Up And Coming 3:02, :60, :30, :34, :39
Pop/Jazz. This smooth jazzy-pop track is a great underscore. Ideal for travel, business & technology, learning & achievement.
21-25 Said & Done 2:57, :60, :30, :29, :19
Ambient Pop/Electronica/Trip Hop. Contemporary, forward-thinking. Has dreamlike effects with a sultry Trip-hop beat. Has both ethereal and groove sections.
26-30 Relaxed Suit 2:57, :60, :30, :29,:19
New Age/Pop. Relaxed and purposeful. Great New-Age, pop travel music. Beautiful Acoustic Spanish guitar and piano are featured.
31-35 Humble Beginnings 2:27, :60, :30, :22,:25
Acoustic Folk/Pop-Rock. Positive & uplifting. This track gives a sense of accepting challenges, moving forward, determination & excellence. Features acoustic guitar, bass, cello and is reminiscent of John Mayer or David Gray.
36-40 Invitation 2:41, :60, :30, :22, :25
Pop. Feel-good, optimistic pop track featuring an acoustic piano lead and a hint of India with percussive tabla & sitar.
41-45 The Corporate World 2:44, :60, :30, :35,:33
Mid-Tempo Pop. Majestic and uplifting thematic track. About confidence, knowledge, learning and growth. Great for a commercial. Integrity and pride.
46-50 The Winner 3:05, :60, :30, :31,:26
Very big, up-tempo orchestral pop. Great thematic and uplifting track. Meeting a challenge, forard motion, victorious. Perfect for sports/Olympics or featuring someone who has achieved something great.
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