World Moods From Africa to India to Latin America, this CD features exotic music that creates great ambient backdrops. With stunning live instruments, the moods range from sensual and ethereal to suspenseful and tense. You will feel like you are in an Indian market at one moment and then being chased in the Arabian desert in another. With rich production values and several extended tracks, this CD covers a great collection of moods and places ... from covert operations, to meditating by a river."

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Track Track Title Length Track Description Flash Audio
1-3 My Arabian Girl 6:22, 1:00, :30
East and West converge with middle-eastern hand drumming and percussion, flavoured with both exotic and contemporary instrumental and layered in an almost mantric fashion. This track builds into a powerful picture of a nomadic Saharan existence. Atmospheric and hypnotic.
4-6 Rasta Africa 5:20, 1:00, :30
A combination of marimba and African talking drums, with a lead guitar, riffing over an almost reggae bass line and drum pattern take this into the realm of Jamaica and the north Caribbean. This includes a great talking drum solo later on in the piece. Suspense and worldly ambience.
7-9 Latin Lament 1:35, 1:00, :30
Solo Guitar. A lone Spanish guitar cries out a romantic interlude in a freestyle form. Emotionally performed by a world-class guitarist, this piece is heartfelt. Melancholic and emotional.
10-12 El Salvador 2:13, 1:00, :30
Syncopation is the mantra in this wide open latin/South American-flavoured motif between piano, guitar and improvising free-form flutes. Light, happy and airy.
13-15 Dance Of Life 1:10, 1:00, :30
This live sitar and tabla duet depicts the wondrous joys of the simplicity of life itself. It's happy and light but thoughtful and very musical at the same time. The tabla drumming is superb and both instruments compliment one another while telling their own stories. Authentic and cultural.
16-18 Oudo Flutu 3:24, 1:00, :30
Crossing over India with the west, using tabla, sitar, guitar and warm rich pads, this traveling track provides plenty of movement and dynamics. The 'dancing' flute over an almost Scottish drone takes this fusion piece across the globe. Intriguing, worldly and upbeat.
19-21 Band Of Gypsies 3:40, 1:00, :30
Latin congas kick off this upbeat energetic live track. A syncopated bass and light percussion adds seduction to this salsa/trance-like feel. Its quick pace is lead by both spanish guitar and piano and always underscored by a steady conga beat. Full of character and ethnic ambience.
22-24 Breaktrance 1:26, 1:00, :30
Trance-like in its percussion, this track features electronic drums pulsing under a Spanish-esque guitar lead and an exciting freestyle flute. Worldly, free-spirited and wild.
25-27 By The River 4:24, 1:00, :30
Stunning acoustic guitars and live flute create a hauntingly melancholic and warm track infused with a Lain/South American flavour. A second steel-stringed guitar takes the lead, improvising its melody over the unusual chord bed. Soulful, honest and hypnotic.
28-30 Around The World 5:18, 1:00, :30
Intricate and energetic dunbek drumming sets up a suspenseful feel . With Latin syncopations, African rhythms, Turkish instruments, bass and other accented drums, all over a middle-eastern minor scale and highlighted by rhythmic guitar, this track is truly World Beat spanning many regions! Great percussion and energy!
31-33 Deep India 8:24, 1:00, :30
A tabla drum pulses out a free-style rhythm, underscoring a live flute, creating a haunting atmosphere. The steady rhythm evokes visions of elephants lumbering through the dense jungles of India with exotic birds flitting through the forest's canopy. An increased pace and the addition of a guitar bring the piece to an eerie and haunting end. Great for free-style dance.
34-36 Afrindia Drumfest 3:13, 1:00, :30
A unique combination of African and Indian percussion merge to create a hypnotic pattern with the feel of a ceremonial and hypnotic tribal dance.
37-39 World Beat Jam 3:17, 1:00, :30
A great funky jam between real rock drums, hand slapping , hand clapping and a very interesting guitar pattern. A flute joins the jam along with some great 'grunting' ad-lib vocals added briefly. Very eclectic and worldly!
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