Credits & Acknowledgements

I wish to thank the many wonderful and talented people who helped to put together the Nightingale Voice Box some of whom it simply could not have been done without. This project  took 9 months & more than 1000 hours of recording and editing and while we had tremendous fun, there were times that we thought it just might have been easier to have a baby!  Seriously, we did have a great time and a lot of laughs which made this so much more than just another production library release!

Thank you to everyone!  ...Caron Nightingale


Caron Nightingale
Production Manager:
David Tello
Original Illustration:
Greg McEvoy
Graphic Design & Layout:
Production Assistant:
Andrew Lauzon
Sound Recording, Editing & Mastering:
Caron Nightingale, Mic Forsey, Graham Newton, Andrew Lauzon,
David Tello, David Boire, Ally Coyote, Stephen Burns
Voice Talent & Script Consultants
Ally Coyote, Mark Staedler, David Tello, Karen Pace, Martin Dubhghaill, SPB, Kevy D., Angelo DiFilippo, Rosetta DeFilippo, Norma & Wayne Klonteig, Isabelle Weber, Tyler Michaels, David Crichton, Daniel & Nicole Dor, Cafe Le Monde, Elizabeth Wilson, Mica Nooks, Jesse Middlebrooks, Lawrence S. Freund, Mary Mosbaugh, Franc & Lief Mosbaugh, Patrick Spence-Thomas, Donald & Scott Reinhart (Reinhart Auctioneers), Jennifer Chin (Pumpkin),  Andrew Lauzon, Mary & Joann Kang (1 hr photo), Sam Chan,  Madeleine & Griffin Courtice, Dave & Vivi Boire, Mokal Music, Brian Rose, Marty Lawrence, Demerise Lafleur, Ildiko’s, Tallman, Rose Wang (Deli on Yonge), Dav1d Grossman (Aviation consultant P742674/CF-QER), Dave O’Laughlin, Rita Lajos, Alla & Nick Kadysh, Lina & Lisa Konovalov, all the Nightingales (Helen, Buddy, Marge, BJ, Debbie, Sarah, Leland & Noah), John Law & Susan Doyle.
Corporate, Legal ,Technical & General Support
Ron Roth, Long &  McQuade; Brian @ Masters Workshop, Yuri Gorbachow, Andrew Jones, Scott Whitney & The Hollywood Sound Factory,  Wayne Swingle, David Steinberg, Richard Spence-Thomas, Bill Weiler, Chris Stone, Ed Glinert, Kate Henderson, Philip Jackson, Subrata Bhattacharjee,  Robb Wright, RDR, Mike Harland, Number 9, Jo-Anne Wurster.
Special Thanks:
To Daniel D’or who contributed to every aspect of this project from the creation of the Voice Box name (along with original art concept & draft drawings), to input on content, layout & business. Your involvement throughout the entire project was invaluable and very much appreciated.