Royalty-Free Production & Imaging Elements

Our critically acclaimed sound effects have been used in countless Films, TV shows, commercials, toys games & songs! of the largest and most comprehensive collections of vocal production elements... fun, useful & entertaining... great for film & tv as well as games, toys, ring tones, songs, commercials & everything!

... great characters, foreign accents and languages... amazing, I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants... a must-have for every studio...

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  • Laughing, Crying, Screaming
  • Eating, Burping, Hiccups
  • Sneezing, Coughing
  • Grunts and Groans
  • Pain and Pleasure
  • Yawn, Sigh, Gasp
  • Movie Lines
  • News, Weather, Sports
  • PA Announcements
  • Telephone Operator
  • Auctioneer, Sermon
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Singing, Yodeling
  • Talking, Walla
  • Parties, Groups
  • Ambiences
  • Hip Hop Vocal Samples
  • Conversation
  • Words, Lines, Phrases
  • Kids and Babies Stuff
  • Humorous Insults
  • Radio Slug Lines and Call-ins
  • Sex and Innuendo
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Foreign Languages & Accents
  • Sound Design
  • Imaging Elements
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Over 1500 Voice FX and Vocal Production Elements on 2 jam-packed CD's. This great set features complete coverage of the human voice in action including: laughing, crying, screaming, eating, breathing, coughing, sneezing, pain & ecstasy etc. The collection also features a comprehensive Broadcast and P.A. section including news weather & yodeling, auctioneers, singing, nursery rhymes, telephone operators, cheering, group reactions, lots of kids stuff, stereo location ambience and more than 50 tracks of words phrases & sayings. The set also features many multi-lingual tracks...Over 1000 hours of painstaking recording and editing went into this most enjoyable and immensely useful package...Something for everyone...A must have!


Just Kids & Babies features more than 750 sound bytes of children, toddlers & babies doing what they do best ... eating, screaming, crying, whining, singing, playing and being totally entertaining! The CD includes individual children, as well as groups of various sizes, all pristinely recorded, with digital stereo on-location ambiences too. Mix and match and combine sound effects tracks to create different settings with different size groups. A variety of locations are provided, including swimming pools, lakes, skating rinks, toboggan hills, schools and playgrounds, offering just about anything you need when you need the sound of kids! Nightingale also worked with the Foster Parents foundation who provided beautiful recordings from remote locations and villages such as Bolivia! This practical and entertaining release is another must have!

VOICE DROPS1 CD+ 1 CD-Rom/Wave files ($129 US)

From the acclaimed Voice Box series comes another fantastic, jam-packed collection of more than 750 Royalty-Free sound bytes - all from the human mouth. You’ll find Movie Lines, Reactions, Occasions, Insults, Sex & Innuendo, Sayings, Laughing, Crying, Burps, Radio Slug lines & 'Call-ins', etc. Includes both audio and CD rom (wav files) for easy ‘drag & drop’. Great for DJ’s, TV, Film, Commercials, Web, Game & Multi-Media developers, and even offers incredible voice samples for musicians! There’s something for everyone! And once again, is useful and entertaining!

We support children’s foundations
We are proud to support Foster Parents Plan of Canada as well as the Children’s Wish Foundation. In our ongoing support of accredited children’s charities, The Nightingale Voice Box has committed to donating a portion of the net proceeds of just ‘Kids and Babies’ to these organizations and, by your purchase, you are therefore also contributing. Thank you!