Nightingale’s critically acclaimed library of production music has been heard in just about every country and network in the world, in countless TV shows, Films and Commercials etc.

With a great variety of styles written by more than 60 composers from around the world (many of whom are recognized recording artists and award-winning writers), this library has been specifically created and tailored to work beautifully with visual media
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In your face, bold and apocalyptic Sound Design cues perfect for trailers, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, epic war and action sequences. Featuring risers, stutters, whooshes, industrial noise and dramatic drops and stops.
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The Nightingale Production Music Library is available on a ‘laser drop’ basis (per ‘use’ of track) or on a ‘blanket’ basis (a number of CDs for a specific time period or for a specific production). Rates vary per territory and are dependant on a number of factors such as: the use of the music (ie: film, commercial, website, game etc), and whether the production will be for sale to the public (ie: DVD etc).

And we have lots more! Just tell us what you are looking for. We either have it, can find it or will have it written!
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